September 19, 2012

The A 2 Z of Me - The Letter N

On September 6th, Michelle taught the second installment of her A-2-Z of Me Art Journaling class and the letter was "N".  What does the letter "N" mean to you?  (Here's a hint - DON'T say Nancy!  Even if you ARE Nancy!  I DON'T want to hear it!)  

No, seriously, when you think of the letter "N", what words inspire you?  Needy?  Noxious? aNnoying?  Oh, wait, I wasn't supposed to be thinking of Nancy....

Ok, OK!  I'll be good!  You all know I really love Nancy... (Oooh, there's another "N" word - Not!) Here's Michelle's sample letter N page:

I love the heart window....

So, if you've been following along on the blog you'll know that we are offering a new feature that allows everyone to play along with The A-2-Z of Me class.... you can work on your "N" page at home and link your work below with the InLinkz feature!  It'll be great fun to see what everyone comes up with, especially with an exciting letter like "N"!  Just think of all the possibilities!!!

You can follow along with previous letters by following the links in the sidebar on the right under "The A-2-Z of Me Postings" heading...

While you're working on your "N" page start getting your thoughts together for the letter "E" - that will be the next letter we'll be working on in class on the 22nd!

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