September 3, 2012

The A 2 Z of Me On-Line Participation Club

So Michelle had her first A 2 Z of Me Art Journaling class; everyone learned a fun new background technique working with gelattos and got to work on their letter "I" pages... here's Michelle's sample:

Here comes the fun part - since it's hard for everyone who wants to be involved in every class, we're opening our blog up to customers who want to participate but for whatever reason weren't able to attend a particular class.  Here's how it works:

1. Create a page in your journal for the month's letter.  This is YOUR interpretation of the letter and does not need to look like Michelle's sample or use the products she used.
2. Upload a photo of your page to your computer.  Then upload it to your blog or an online photo gallery.
3. Click on the little blue link below and fill out the requested information.  Copy and paste the address of your online photo into the "URL" block. 
4. Follow the rest of the instructions to submit your photo.

(Note: You may see that Michelle's page is posted as number 1 and the link doesn't work... that was actually me trying to make sure the tool worked. It works (because I never put a link in), but now I can't figure out how to take out the picture without erasing the whole thing. Michelle says this is a great example of why I never win awards. Hmmphh. Had I known that was the way she felt about things, I would have gladly chosen some other random, much more interesting thumbnail to get stuck on the main screen (insert imagination here)..... bwaaa haaaa haaa haaaa haaaaaa.... )

The next A 2 Z of Me will have two time offerings; one on Thursday from 6pm to 8pm and one on Saturday from 11am to 1pm... the featured letter will be "N", so get your images ready!


AnnetteD said...

What size book are you using for this?

AnnetteD said...

Just uploaded the letter i

I am just doing one page for each letter as I am doing this digitally.

Thanks for letting me play

ESS said...

Hi Annette, Glad you are playing along with us

Tam said...
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Tam said...

Wow, Annette - beautiful job!!