May 2, 2007

1st Day aand photos of my space

Some photos of my stuff. The first picture is of my ribbon jars. I took the ribbons off the spools and wound them onto clothes pegs. They are also sorted by color. The second picture is of the drawer where my ribbons are still on the card. The third photo is of the spools waiting to be rewound onto clothes pegs.
It is apparent from these photos that I do not need to buy any more ribbons. But it is also apparent that I am very organized. Stick that in your face Clean Sweep!!!!
Yesterday was the first day of my challenge. I was doing okay before I went into work. We received the new Lil Davis papers in, I had ordered the new line, absolutely beautiful. I did have the thought that I could buy it and then start my quest tomorrow or put it in the back of the store and buy it June 1. This is obviously not a good start! I did however resist. I did NOT BUY ANYTHING! I am so proud of myself. :)

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