August 7, 2010

Derek and Tim

So while we at CHA in Chicago this year, I was busy ordering product and talking to manufacturers about ship dates and Derek was schmoozing with people.

Derek ran into Tim Holtz and they got talking about products.
Apparently Derek had an idea and shared it with Tim.
(He has not even mentioned to me what the idea is)

They even went out for drinks that night to discuss possibilities, while I was left with 100 lbs of catalogs to take back to the hotel and orders to do.
hmm, I brought him along to help carry all the stuff and make sure all the orders were submitted. I have to say Derek was more into chatting and looking good than working

On the plane ride home Derek asks me if he can schedule a week off in August. Apparently he met a girl at the show and she invited him to go to Barbados.

Sigh, next year I am definitely not taking a man with me.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, Barbados?? Curious as to how that trip went and would love to see the girl he met......