November 27, 2010

Do not Panic

I do not know how to say this to make it less painful other than to quickly say it, so

I will repeat again. Do not Panic. Take a deep breath. Sit Down. Make sure you are sitting down. I cannot be held accountable if you pass out and hit your head on something. Are you calm?

Now read on. . . . . . . . .

Graphic 45 are DISCONTINUING their first four collections; Times Nouveau, Baby 2 Bride, Playtimes Past and GASP Botanicabella

Remember do not panic and keep breathing. Got that?

Yes, sadly Graphic 45 are discontinuing some of their paper lines and have sold out of some of the patterns already.

We have restocked some of the papers we were low on.

If you were thinking of getting them now is the time to do so.

So do not walk to the store.
Just get here as fast as you can
cos once they are gone they are gone :(

If you are still reading this, and are not on the way to the store, you may loose out. Just sayin!

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