January 27, 2011

I am in Los Angeles

I left the store Tuesday to fly to LA for an event that starts right before CHA (the trade show)
I had to get a connection in Atlanta and the flight was late getting in. Luckily I had my own personal satellite system directing me to what gate I was getting to and what gate I had to go to for the next flight.

I made it to the gate, my luggage did not

I arrived at 3:00am Florida time. My Luggage did not!

Good Times People
Good Times


Anonymous said...

Bummer, no luggage! Hopefully it arrives today!

Be sure to stop by the Design Memory Craft booth to see our fabulous new Mixed Media products!! Booth #547

Joyce's Journey said...

I'm so sorry about your luggage, Michelle! That so stinks!! I hope it comes today and that everything else goes smoothly for you and that you get lots of really neat, cool things for your peeps waiting back home for you!!

Cher~ said...

Oh no. I hope you have fun...even without clothes. LOL Honestly, I hope your luggage shows up really soon.