January 5, 2012

Beatriz Guzman Classes

Special Guest - BEATRIZ GUZMAN

You may have seen the amazing kits and completed layouts for sale in the store. These have been designed by Beatriz. She is one talented lady! This is a chance to take a class with her andLearn to scrapbook the Beatriz way” You will ink, paint, cut and manipulate your papers in a very different but fun way. Beatriz will be teaching two different layout classes and you are guaranteed to learn many techniques. Never look at your scrapbook paper the same way again.

We have two classes on January 16th (Martin Luther King Day).

Each Class is $30

This is the first class which starts at 1:00pm

This is the second class that will start at 6:00pm

Supplies are limited so make sure you sign up as soon as possible.

1 comment:

Kell Bell said...

who is this Beatriz Guzman have I met her before LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO

I'm so looking forward to taking her class