March 13, 2014

New In the Store - Tim Holtz, Authentique and Stampendous

The boxes sure piled up while Michelle and Nancy were teaching on the cruise. As tempted as Lisa was to open them up and sell right out of the boxes she could not. Especially when she could see that they were goodies from Tim Holtz, Authentique and Stampendous!

Tim Holtz

Discover even more inspiration with Volume III of “A Compendium of Curiosities” filled with new ideas, new products, and new techniques. This is not your typical “how to make” book, but “how to create” so you can explore and apply these new techniques however you decide. Let your inner artist explore the possibilities of creativity…

 Volume III of “A Compendium of Curiosities” Volume III of “A Compendium of Curiosities”

Collection Folios

New Folios New Folios

Tim has come out with a “portable, interactive folder for collecting and displaying memorabilia and photos” They come in two sizes, large and small.


 We got such a big delivery of all of Tim’s new ideo-ology and there’s so much to share and display that he now has three spots in the store. In addition to the Tim Holtz’s Wall in the classroom we have him at the front of the store with a display with all of his embellishments.

idea-ology idea-ology

The new wall also has all of Tim’s new worn covers and all of the accessories and refills to go with it.

Worn Cover Colposition Worn Cover Composition

Worn Cover Journaler Worn Cover Journaler


Suave and Flourish are two new paper collections in the store. Both come with a variety of paper, cardstock dies and stickers.

Selections from the "Suave" Collection Selections from the “Suave” Collection

Suave Embellishments Suave Embellishments

Selections from the "Flourish" Collection Flourish Collection


These furry creatures are having all sorts of fun and adventures!


Stop on by and see all of the Tim Holtz, Authentque and Stampendous items lining up on the “New Wall”. We have more boxes to still unpack, you never know what you will find in the store!

New In the Store - Tim Holtz, Authentique and Stampendous

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