July 26, 2014

I Feel Pretty - Oh so Pretty!

Get it while it lasts, ladies!  Authentiques new Pretty line is sure to inspire your girliest hearts desires.  I mean, it’s pink and black and flowers all over.  What’s not to love?

Alphabet Stickers Alphabet Stickers

Pretty Journal Cards Pretty Journal Cards

Pretty Coleected Pretty Coleected

Pretty Cursive Pretty Cursive

Pretty Cute Pretty Cute

Pretty Desire Pretty Desire

Pretty Lace Pretty Lace

Pretty Luster Pretty Luster

Pretty Luxe Pretty Luxe

Pretty Rosette Pretty Rosette

Pretty Tartan Pretty Tartan

This Pretty line is SO pretty that it may have inspired a certain teacher (ahem) to use it for an upcoming card class (um hmm) which means if you’re the type of person who likes to purchase the papers used in said card classes, or if you want the collection and you want to get it before it disappears because of said class (you know who you are) then you might want to come in and pick out your papers now (nods head).  I’m just sayin…


I Feel Pretty - Oh so Pretty!

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