January 9, 2015

2015 - A new ATC Swap

This image is from one of our ATC Towers.  
Cards made from our years of swapping.  
It is fun to look back at them and see the art.

We are excited to announce our new ATC swap for 2015.
This year we are going to have 12 different countries for our ATC theme:
January:  Russia
February: China
March: Australia
April: Morroco
May: Brazil
June: Eygpt
July: Mexico
August: Peru
September:  India
October: Exotic Tropical Island of your choice
November:  Japan
December: South Africa
and as far as a product or technique you get to pick from the following list: (You can pick whatever you wish from this list but you only use that same one 4 times during the year.)
Product/Technique List:
Wax beeswax or encaustic
Tissue Paper
Pan Pastels
Collage Sheets
Shaving Cream technique
Image Transfer
Texture Paste
Sumi Ink
Number of ATC's to make: 6 for each swap.
additionally this year for our Sketchbook Submission to the New York Library we picked the theme Wanderer so we thought it might be fun to carve a stamp that is between 1 and 2 inches tall of a Wanderer.  So if we pick your ATC for the month to be included in our sketchbook submission we can also use your handmade stamp on that page.  This is just an option so don't panic. It can be a really simple carving based on a stick figure.
The great thing about our ATC swap is you do not have to live near us to particiapte.  You can mail your ATC's to us ahead of time and we can do the swap for you.  Please remember to send a stamped self addressed envelope with your swap.. . . and your name, contact information, date and the theme should be on the back of the ATC.
If you come in to the store to do your trade, we will have a technique based demo as well.
We have a lot of fun with our ATC swap and hope you can join us.

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