March 17, 2011

You may have noticed

that Fred and Derek have been missing from the Blog lately.

Well there has been some friction between the two of them.

Friction of the alpha male variety.

The arguments were getting to be too frequent and quite frankly all that bickering was just, well plain annoying.

So Fred took a vacation and we have had Derek working in the back office filing, following up on deliveries, placing reorders etc. Anywhere and anything to keep him away from the customers.

I mean seriously we are a Scrapbook, Stamp and Paper Arts store not a testosterone factory.

Well on his vacation Fred met someone and he seems to be in a much better mood lately. He even came into work last week and apologized to Derek.

So Derek and Fred went out for drinks the other night and Fred introduced Derek to his girlfriend Francoise.

Derek was nice enough to take a photo of Fred and Francoise on the beach in the moonlight.

Fred asked Francoise to go steady.
Isn't that sweet, he sprinkled Rose Petals on the sand.
Bunny Love
It just makes your heart sing doesn't it.

Now the only problem is that Derek is in a bad mood cos apparently he hasn't been lucky with the ladies lately!!!

Can't live with them and you get into trouble if you shoot them

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