March 31, 2011

As most of you know

I {heart} Grey's Anatomy. Well specifically I love Derek Shepard on Grey's Anatomy. So much so, that I hired Derek at great expense to work at the store in between filming for Grey's Anatomy.

I love him that much. Seriously tho, who would not want to work with that!!


I usually don't teach at the store on Thursday nights during the show season so I can be home in plenty of time to watch the show.

Last night was the musical episode. I don't do musicals. If I wanted to watch a musical I would watch Glee or American Idol. Which I don't. As I said I don't like musicals.

Well I did like Phantom of the Opera. The one I saw at Her Majesty's Theatre in London not the one I saw in Orlando. But that is not a musical it is an Opera :)

So to recap: for the most part I don't like musical's or Opera's. But I love Grey's and I watched last night.

Now for some reason, friends and family think it is funny to text or call me during the show. I don't answer the phone but I will read and answer texts during commercials. only during commercials. Last night I texted Rosemary to see if she was watching . She has that Tivo thing so she starts watching it later than I do. She misses the commercials. I don't. Cos, I don't have that Tivo thing. but, I get to laugh at that Pig commercial the one where he goes "whee whee whee" all the way home. that commercial makes me giggle. poor Rosemary hasn't seen it.

the show was awful, just awful. I texted Rosemary that it was awful and I was just hoping that Derek was not going to sing cos if he was, I was turning it off. she thought the same thing.

A bit further into the show our text messages go like this:

Me. Oh, my gosh, I hate it, please shoot me, shoot me now.
Rosemary: I can't I'm too busy slitting my wrists.

Show comes back on I go back to watching it. Commercials, I can now text again.

Me. wtf they just ruined the best Grey's Anatomy song ever for me. It is dead to me now, dead!
Rosemary: what happened I paused it? (that Tivo thing again)
Me. Don't watch, save yourself, it's too late for me!
Rosemary: You are such a Drama Queen!

Now that's hurtful, just plain mean. I am already down and she just kicked me. Seriously!

ahh, that show just jumped the shark! ( i don't really know what that means but, it seems like an appropriate comment)

Guess tomorrow I will be in the mood to make Sympathy Card Samples for the store. Which will be easier because we have some nice stamps from Impression Obsession, Northwoods and Penny Black.

But now, I am going to bed to wallow in my misery!

P.S. I just googled "Jump the Shark"" and it means "Jumping the shark is a widely used idiom – first employed to describe a moment in the evolution of a television show, characterized by absurdity, when a particular show abandons its core premises and begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery"

Good Night all.


cheryl mezzetti said...

seriously you make me laugh!

Gina Lideros said...

ha, funny. I was really disappointed with last night's episode too. Hopefully it will only be a one time thing.

Joyce's Journey said...

If it was just Callie singing, it wouldn't have been too bad, but when Owen started singing, I thought I would gag.