August 19, 2012

A Plethora of Paper Products from Prima....

I just love alliteration, don't you? That's why I get to use words like plethora... a plethora of product from Prima, which have been perfectly placed in prime locations in the piazza at the front of the store.... Ok, Ok, I'll stop now. I just LOVE Prima product, don't you? We just got in an amazing shipment full of breath taking new products - seven new paper lines, Donna Downey stencils, masks, junk yard parts... the list goes on and on.

I love love LOVE the new Tea Thyme collection - totally my colors:

The embellishments for this collection are really beautiful:

And we have this cute little coordinating stamp set which could have SO many uses:

The next new collection, Romance Novel, is a close second for me - the pop of black really brings out the vintage feel and romantic colors in this collection:

Now this is really cool - in addition to the 12x12 papers and 6x6 pads, Prima has come out with a new A4 sized pack - this is some weird British size (8.27" x 11.69" - ha - the weird is just for Michelle....), but very VERY cool, especially for matting on layouts and using on Altered Art, when 6x6 isn't enough but you don't want a the 12x12 either. Perfect, says me!

The Romance Novel collection has beautiful embellishments, including these cool note cards for journaling or mini book making... and then look at the heavenly chipboard embellishments:

Wooden buttons are my weakness - I HAVE to have them, and then I hoard them... I'm pretty sure no project will ever be worth sacrificing my wooden buttons on(sigh):

And now they have the coordinating wood clips - I am done for:

And again with the cute vintage stamps - lots to love in this collection:

As if those weren't amazing enough, take a look at these other great collections from Prima that are on the shelves right now:


Full of fresh, bright colors, lovely flowers and fun and funky trims:

Welcome to Paris

It's all about fashion and fun - this collection is sure to be a hit with all our Paris connoisseurs:


OK, quick - give me three definitions for the word "zephyr"! No, I'm not talking about graffiti art, sculptures, or lung cancer. (All of these are Zephyr references - I checked!) The original meaning, however, is "light wind" or "west wind"... and that's exactly what this collection will remind you of - gentle breezes in fields of flowers. The colors in the Zephyr collection just make me happy:


This is another collection full of the light pinks and black accents, but includes some very trendy patterns that would be great backgrounds for scrapbooking and mixed media work:


We are always, always, always getting requests for masculine papers, and this collection has some great one - lots of cool tools accented with rich colors that are sure to please:

The embellishment stickers for this collection remind me of the men in my life especially the "ouch" and the "boom" - my son loves to yell out an occasional "boom" just for good measure:

So much Prima product for your perusal... it's practically perfect! (Ok, ok, I'll stop for real now...)

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