October 4, 2012

DYAN DAY 3: Get Ready to Remember...

Aaaaawwww.... :(  It's Dyan's last day at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps and we sure are going to miss her sweet presence in our classroom!  Our students sure had an amazing time learning all of Dyan's art journaling techniques - just look:

In honor of her visit, we'd like to do a special product focus on her new creative journal:

This is an amazing journal perfectly made for art journaling.  The cover is beautiful on it's own, but also completely alterable.  On the inside cover there is a great envelope for whatever little treasures you might find. 

The journal pages are mixed white and vanilla - great weight for all kinds of mediums.  But wait - that's not all.  What else could they possibly think of, you ask?  Why, they just happen to be sized perfectly to work with Dyan's amazing stencils.  Who'd a thunk it?  An art genius, that's who.

I loved this blank journal the very moment I saw the first one, and then I saw Dyan's.  And the other shoe dropped.  Every stinking page is beyond wonder - all the thought and detail and heart that goes into her work is AMAZING.  I wanted to buy it.  I wanted to take pictures of every page.  I had to STOP myself from taking pictures of every page so I wouldn't look like a psycho-fan.  So here you go - just a few of the jaw-dropping bits of art contained in Dyan's very own journal - enjoy!

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