October 25, 2012

TIMMMMMMBER!!!! The Trees are Here!!!

I can't believe it - we just posted an article on a bunch of great new stuff from Tim Holtz, and now I'm writing about: a bunch of great new stuff from Tim Holtz!!!  YOWZA!  I can't believe how much new stuff we have from Tim!

First and foremost, TIMBER!  These new dyable trees and wreaths are GORGEOUS!

Look how fabulous they look in the different distress colors - I want to buy a bunch just so I can make this display!!  That allows for SO much variety - they don't have to be just for Christmas!  How about a Valentine's tree, or a display of fall trees?  SO many possibilities!!

Of course, you can't have trees without tinsel!  Check out the fun colors:

Get your grunge on with some of these Idea-ology embellishments:

And lots of new papers and alterable mediums:

Last, but certainly not least, this lantern actually lights up!  I've already got 1,001 uses for this, so you better come get yours before I buy them all up!!

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