November 10, 2012

New for Art Lovers - Pan Pastels!

We just got in our shipment of pan pastels - they are SO beautiful! 

Pan Pastels are little pots of color that can be mixed and blended and used for all sorts of projects.  They're great for anything from simple backgrounds to complex pastel paintings. In fact, in December we're having a special guest teacher who will be making some AMAZING projects using Pan Pastels - Woo Hoo!!!!

In the mean time, check out these cool videos using Pan Pastels:

This first video just shows some quick and easy card backgrounds using Pan Pastels:

And this video shows how to make beautiful handmade flowers using diecuts with Pan Pastels:

Here she uses Pan Pastels in her art journal:

I've used these myself on several art journaling projects and I really enjoy them - they're just so different from everything else and the effects you can create a totally unique.  Perfect Nancy has these set up in the new art and inks section, so be sure to look for them next time you come in!

1 comment:

Kelli said...

Awesome can't wait to add to my stash.