October 3, 2013

Introducing The Shoe Box © Project

Attention all Scrapbookers… You asked, we listened, and we have a brand new class just for you!  We’d like to introduce you to The Shoe Box Project ©  . . . . a simple scrapbooking class designed to get those pictures out of your shoe boxes and into your albums!  . . . . . Life’s Stories Made Simple! 

We’ve all noticed the recent trend in scrapbooking – everybody seems to be breaking those big old 12″ pages into smaller, more manageable parts.  It started with Becky Higgins and Project Life, then We R Memory Keeper and Albums Made Easy.  Next came the SN@P system… all of these products are designed to split the 12×12 page into a series of small themed cards which fit into specially designed pockets; these pages can be put together quickly and easily with minimal fuss.  It didn’t take us long to realize that scrapbookers are loving this concept!  Any why not? Sometimes 12″x12″ blank pages can be awfully intimidating but little 3″x4″ cards – not so much.  Suddenly scrapbookers found a new way to feel creative and get their pages done without too much fuss.  Yay!  So everyone was happy, right?

Well, maybe not everyone.  There are still some out there who really enjoy the “art” of scrapbooking; those who really love experiencing the feeling of creating and the knowledge that what they have created is theirs and theirs alone – their own unique experience expressed with loving hands on a page.  And that’s what The Shoebox Project © is all about.

We want you to enjoy the benefits of both worlds: getting layouts done fairly quickly without having to stress about filling in 12″ of blank space, but still feeling that each page is a unique creation and expression of your heart and soul.  That’s a pretty big order for a shoebox class, isn’t it?  Well, not so much.  As usual, Michelle is literally brimming with ideas and inspiration  on how to teach you to create your own unique title, journaling, and embellishment cards.    

The Shoebox Project © will be a daytime class.  Teaching time will take about an hour, but you will be welcome to stay and continue to work on new pages if you wish, at least until it’s time to start picking kids up or getting dinner ready, or dealing with whatever distraction from scrapbooking it is that you deal with everyday!   Better yet, you’ll get rid of all the shoeboxes and piles of pictures!  Does your room look like this:

20130927_170211_Richtone(HDR) (576x1024)

More Mess


20130927_171724_Richtone(HDR) (576x1024)

Photos Everywhere

 Messy Room

Would you rather get your pictures out of piles and onto pages in some sort of organized fashion, like this?

20130927_173229 (1024x576)

Then the Shoebox Project © is the class for you!  Here are samples from the first layouts:

992646_10151944934870856_268742089_n (424x418)

Complete Page

1370409_10151944935025856_1949626507_n (507x478)In each Shoebox Project © class, you will receive a We R Memory Keepers Albums Made Easy page protector and you will complete the cards to fill in the page protector.  The title cards will have seasonal themes so you can start creating current albums right away.  We will be working with a lot of different products and techniques,, so be prepared for some fun twists and turns in this class… you’re going to love it!  

The Shoebox Project © is starts on October 9th at 10:30am, so keep your eyes open for the fun to begin!    


Introducing The Shoe Box © Project

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