June 22, 2012

Come and Play! Everything's A-OK....

OK, you might think we're a little like Sesame Street when you come in - we certainly are a bunch of characters! Hee hee hee... Don't get too excited, now - I'm not insulting anyone today (yes, I can feel your disappointment even now - it's like a collective sigh that swooshes through my soul). I'm actually talking about some super cute new Sesame Street papers and embellishments that we just got in:

You're sure to love the die cut pack that includes all your favorite friends:

And these sweet stickers have a fun and fuzzy texture that your tactile toddler is sure to love:

We also got in some great new Disney papers and embellishments:

This diecut pack features fun frames and glittered accents:

And there are several new sticker packs, including totally tantalizing title stickers and bountiful borders (I'm just loving the all the awesome alliteration today... where is that blogging award when you need one?):

It doesn't matter whether your from Sesame Street or Main Street USA - come on in and pick up a few of your favorite characters today!

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