June 23, 2012

Mix it Up with Mixaparts Jewelry....

Creative Imaginations has a great product for all you jewelry lovers - Mixapart necklaces! These are an awesome way for you to express your creativity in wearable art. Mixapart necklaces are super cute and so easy to make:

  1. Create your own background on precut canvas or use one of the ones from the beautiful paper kits.
  2. Snap the background and your favorite embellishments into a pod.
  3. Snap the pod into the necklace.
  4. You're done!
The best part is you can create a multitude of pods for one necklace - just interchange them according to your mood! Check out this video:

This is our awesome Mixapart Display, currently residing on our front counter:

The awesome spinner wheel at the waist reveals project ideas, and the delightful premade kits in different themes, like Rock Star, Shabby Chic, Mon Ami, and Exotic. These include background, transparencies, and gems so you can layer away inside your pod.

This is a great project for mothers and daughters to work on together - you just have to make sure she doesn't steal your pods when you're not looking!

You've got to come in and check these out - don't forget, if we're not having a class you can sit down a create a few while you're here! 

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