June 24, 2012

Martha Stewart Crafter's Clay Kits

A couple months ago we got in some exciting new product from Martha Stewart - crafter's clay. I don't know if you've used it before or not, but I just LOVE it. Crafter's clay has a light, airy texture that's easily colored, easily molded, and air dries in about 24 hours - no oven necessary. Once dry, it can be glittered, painted, and pretty much embellished in any way you'd like. The Martha Stewart kits include the white clay and four molds that you can press the clay into to make a lot of fun, delicately detailed shapes. Here are a few examples of things that you can make with the molds:

This week we got two new starter kits in, which include not only the white clay and four molds, but also colored clay, floral wire, and shaping sticks. There is also a color chart included so you can mix beautiful new colors of clay.

With the floral wire and shaping sticks, you can make gorgeous free form flowers - look closely and you can see the fantastic texture of these petals - they are so thin they hardly look like clay:

This video on how to use these amazing new kits is sure to inspire you:

This is amazing stuff; just think, next time you don't have the "perfect" embellishment for your paper project, you can just create your own!

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