November 15, 2015

Simple Stories Carpe Diem Planners Now Available

I’m so excited to be able to let you know that the new Carpe Diem Planners are now available for order

You won’t believe how hard it was to secure an early order of what is going to be the hottest planner system this season.

Carpe Diem SN@P Planners


I just love the design and format and the included pages and inserts ensure you can go from planning zero to hero in no time.

Suburban Planning Planner Stamps

And of course, (shameless plug!!) these go brilliantly with my own line of Suburban Planning Planner Stamps.

How Does She Do It Planner Stamp Set

Drop by the store and get yours before they’re all gone.  Or if you can’t get in, you can order online at Everything Mixed Media / Carpe Diem Planners.  The online store has all the details, so look them over, and don’t forget you can choose store pickup at checkout time and we’ll hold your planner for you until you can get into the store.

Simple Stories Carpe Diem Planners Now Available

November 6, 2015

Michelle's own line of Planner Stamps now available

Are you one of the Planner People?

I am.

I have used a planner as long as I can remember  and at the same time I have always been a list maker.  I used to have lists everywhere, on sticky notes, on the back of envelopes, on napkins, in my planner – everywhere.

In the last year I have grown to like a more cohesive and organized look to my lists and my week, even though in reality I am sometimes very disorganized with everything I have to do.

Trying to get better organized I realized that I could break down my day and my to-do list with stamps.  . . .  and so I decided to design some planner stamps.

Yes you heard it right – I have designed some stamps

I am so very excited to announce that we have a new line of planner stamps at the store.

Suburban Planning Line of Planner Stamps

The Suburban Planning line is the product of the creative imagination of Michelle McCosh, a mixed media artist and designer who pulls her inspiration from urban life.

Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go Suburban Planning Planner Stamp Set


This set is perfect to make your vacation planning FUN. I love to dream of the places I want to go and use this planner stamp set to help me organize my thoughts before I have made ANY reservations. So you can plan what you are going to pack, places you are going to visit and even food you want to try :) and then you can use the set to record your reservations for your airline, hotel and car and all the things you don’t want to forget to get the maximum FUN from your trip!

to order this planner stamp set online just click here


How Does She Do It?

How Does She Do It Planner Stamp Set

This planner stamp set was designed for the girl on the go. Make your life easier and more fun by using these stamp sets for your everyday plans.  Stamp the paw prints in pink or blue, use the round or rectangle stamps and stamp them in color and stamp icons or words on top in black to highlight something you need to stand out.  Click here to order this planner stamp set in our online store everything mixed media

These stamps make Planning FUN!


PS107 Suburban Planning Planner Stamp Set

These stamps are ideal for keeping track of all school related activities to ensure you achieve all you can, while at the same time making sure it’s a fun and memorable experience.  Yes, time at school can be COOL

You can click this link and be redirected to our online store (everything mixed media) to order this planner stamp set


I used some of these stamps in my October planner layout

october planner


nd in case you want to look at some of the other items that we have online please check here:  Everything Mixed Media – the Online store for Everything Scrapbook & Stamps

Michelle's own line of Planner Stamps now available