January 31, 2013

New Scrap 365

We just got in the Feb/March issue of Scrap 365 - have I mentioned how much I love this magazine?  (I'm sure I have...)

Have I mentioned that in addition to all the fabulous articles in Scrap 365, there is amazing on-line bonus content as well?  I have?  Well, I'm mentioning it again!  For instance, every month they run an awesome sketch challenge which is open to American residents - check out this month's sketch:

Cute, right?  What a great place to go for inspiration, AFTER you get done trying out some of the awesome techniques and sketches you'll find in the magazine.  This month's featured articles include:

  • PDQ Layouts - Layouts you can create in under an hour
  • It's Only Natural - Layouts created using mother nature as your inspiration
  • So Distressing! - Making awesome backgrounds with distress stains and water

And there's so much more - if you're tired of the same old same old, you really need to give this magazine a try!

January 30, 2013

Beautiful New Stampendous

We just got in some beautiful new stamps from Stampendous that I thought I'd share:

I love the stamps and the clever use of the new Jewel Kits... OMG, I am in LOVE with the Jewel Kits!  I love the effect of the mixed particles on the sample boards - the purple and blue look like starry skies:

I immediately had to buy all three styles of the Jewel Kits, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, so make sure you come on over and pick up your favorite color blends!!

January 29, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial #8

Design team member Melinda Miller has been at it again - she comes to us this week with an fun filled layout tutorial using FabScraps' Summer Collection:

Everything Scrapbook and Stamps – Design by Melinda Miller



Papers used from the collection:
·         Summer Lighthouse 2
·         Summer Fun 2
Other Supplies:
EK 3-D pop dots
Burlap, String, Corrugated cardboard
Distress Tool by Ranger
Ranger Archival ink Tim Holtz distress ink – Walnut
Crackle – Ranger
Acrylic paint
Le Plume II by Marvy in Red
Stencil – Studio 490

1.  For this single page layout I used the Summer Fun paper and my background. 

2. I cut the flags from two different papers and distressed the edges with the distress tool.  For my border, I cut a piece of corrugated paper 2 x 12” and using my fingers painted the paper with acrylic paints. I also used a bit of paint on the flags. Glue the flags down to the corrugated paper added a bit of string and more corrugated paper to top it off.

3. Apply crackle medium to the

4. To mat the photo, I used corrugated cardboard that I painted with acrylic paint and a scrap of text paper that I distressed with “vintage photo” distress ink.  Adhere down and add some string.

5. Other embellishments included the burlap laid across the paper and glued down.  A stencil by Studio 490 “Always Remember” used with acrylic paint and a sponge.


6. Pockets are part of the collection and were distressed with Vintage photo distress ink.  Beach sign is also part of the collection and was distressed with Vintage photo and Crackle was applied to the top. Edges were distressed with distress tool.

7. I cut the title Sandy Toes & Salty kisses and distressed it with Vintage photo with random polka dots added.

Thanks again to Melinda for this super cute layout idea - makes me want to grab some of this new line and some paints and get started on my own beachy layout!!

January 28, 2013

Announcing Artology - An Exciting Mixed Media Event!

We've given a few hints, but the time has finally come to announce an exciting upcoming mixed media event - Artology!

Michelle has partnered with special guest teacher Cheryl Mezzetti to bring you a fun-filled retreat weekend at the West Palm Beach Marriott.  Artology will be April 4-7, 2013 for a fee of $385. 

I know the flier picture is a little small, so here's what you get:

- 4 full and 2 mini mixed media workshops with Michelle and Cheryl
- 4 meals
- Full 24/7 access to the studio for crafting
- Easy shopping access
- Discounted prices on overnight guest rooms for those who choose to stay at the hotel; hotel prices   include breakfast
-Goodie bags, giveaways, and plenty of artsy recreation time!

Michelle and Cheryl have been working overtime to bring you beautiful new projects incorporating great new products and techniques - this is an event not to be missed!

For more information and registration, call 203-829-3101 or email info@croptopiagetaways.com

January 27, 2013

Headed Our Way from CHA: Art Anthology Paints

You asked for it.... so we're getting it!  Sorbet... Velvet... rich, luxurious names for rich, luxurious paints!  Art Anthology has developed these two paints that meld two of our favorite properties: texture and sheen.

Sorbet is a dimensional paint that holds shape and shimmer:

Here are just a few of the colors in the line - aren't they lovely???

Check out this dimensional interest that Sorbet adds to this layout created by Irene Tan of the Art Anthology design team:

Velvet is a dimensional, matte paint with a velvety finish.  Check out these beautiful colors:

We're really excited to add these fabulous new paints to our mixed media selection - hope you are too!

January 26, 2013

Perfect Nancy Revealed - The Sneak Repeater!!!

Well, she's been at it again.  That Nancy, I mean.  Yup, I've been working a lot with that Nancy lately, and so I've tried to be respectful and stop referring to her as Perfect Nancy all the time.  I just don't think she takes it in the true spirit in which it's intended.  Now I just refer to her as "That Nancy".  I think it's nicer and more open to interpretation.

Anyway, since Rosemary is still out on the mend, I've been spending more and more time with That Nancy, and I'm starting to learn the secrets behind her tricky ways.  Everyone thinks she so productive all the time.  It's not unusual for people to come in and express their opinions.

"Oh, look at that - the store looks great today.  Nancy must have been working hard!"  Or, "Where's Nancy today?  Whatever will you do without her?"  Hhhmmph.  Little does everyone know the real reason That Nancy looks so productive all the time - she's a sneak repeater!!!

It all started with the button display.  We had a shelf devoted to buttons - beautiful buttons in all sizes that were separated in bins by color.  I loved the button shelf.  Bins of buttons are happy things.  Bins of buttons make me smile.  Not so That Nancy.  That Nancy decided that the beautiful buttons were taking up too much space.  She wanted that shelf space for something else, so what does she do?  She takes all those beautiful, presorted buttons and dumps them in a big drawer.  A drawer!!!  All the buttons were mixed.  Now if you wanted blue buttons you had to dig through and find the blue buttons.  My mind couldn't take it - oh, the indecency of it all!!!


So, the buttons sat around for a few weeks, all mixed together and depressed.  That Nancy never did come up with any plan for displaying that ugly drawer buttons, so there they sat.  I could hardly look at them.

Then one day, while I'm there toiling away on fresh new articles for the blog, here comes That Nancy with the button drawer and some jars.  I tried to keep typing and act like I wasn't interested in what she was doing, but I couldn't help but notice when she plopped herself and started sorting all those buttons.  Yes, you heard me, sorting the buttons.

Eureka!  I've got it!  That's how That Nancy always looks so busy all the time... she keeps creating her own projects by doing and undoing her work!  What a sneaky repeater, than Nancy!  Just look at That Nancy, looking all  like she's working hard and everything:

I tell you, the more I learn about That Nancy, the more I just can't believe how she wins all these awards all the time.  Everyone thinks she's doing all this amazing work, when really she just does and re-does the same jobs over and over... what a sneak!  What a repeater!  What a Sneak Repeater!!!!

Stay tuned, my loyal supporters... I'm sure all my hard undercover work is going to result in an award any day now...   And, if you come in and happen to notice how pretty the buttons look all sorted in their little jelly jars, please don't try to tell me what a great display artist That Nancy is... I know the real truth!!!

January 25, 2013

We're Bringing a Little Couture Your Way!

So Michelle is back from CHA and it's high times here at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps!!!  I'm particularly excited that I FINALLY have some images to share with you of Dyan Reaveley's new release...  wow - you Dyan fans out there are going to LOVE her new designs!

First of all, I'm sure you've heard the buzz about her new ink colors - there are six new colors to add to your palette, including an awesome semi-opaque white - check out the video below as Dyan reveals the new sprays:

Dyan also brought in some great new rubber stamps in her signature quirky style along with some sentiments that will make you fall over laughing:

I'm pausing just a minute here to give you time to catch your breath after laughing at those hilarious sentiments...  And look at the alphabet - I love the letters!!!

OK, moving on.... Check out some of the amazing samples created with these stamps:

How fun, right? These guys are so unique and funny, you're just not going to find anything else like them out there.  

Speaking of unique, it's time to get to the couture part of this reveal... and Wow, this new couture line is SO cool... the stamps and stencils have so many possibilities:

The thing about these stamps is that they are quite large; plus the stencils give you each figure in three sizes, so they create really awesome effects.  Check out this video that shows some of Dyan's samples with the new couture line - I think you'll be amazed at the background effects and journal pages she has created using these products:


I think these are so awesome, and the size options are great.   I mean, I was really excited about this new line, but, as usual, Michelle had her mind on only one thing:

Yes, there's Michelle at CHA, holding up the special treat that Dyan brought for her.   I'm sorry, but I think Dyan has created a monster... this Twiglets phase has got to end...