January 16, 2013

Design Team Challenge #1 - Angel

Over the last several days we've been sharing the results from our design team's very first challenge to alter cards from 7 Gypsies photo carousel - our lovely muses really met the challenge and definitely inspired us here in the store, and now we're hoping they'll do the same for you!  Here is the photo carousel:

And here is a sampling of the materials we gave the design team to work with:

Ultimately, we decided that all the ladies did such lovely work that we didn't want to lump all their entries into one bulk post; we decided to give you little samplings of each ladies submission separately so that they would each have their time to shine.

Today we're showcasing design team member Angel Estes' submissions - Angel had a really unique take on the challenge and incorporated some great (and sometimes really funny!) quotes - here are Angel's photo carousel altered cards:

Of course, my pictures never really do the samples justice - please be sure to drop by and check these beautiful cards out in person. We hope you enjoyed this second preview - we'll be sharing the next set in just a few days so keep checking in!

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