January 2, 2013

OMG! Michelle's Going to be on NBC!!!

OK, hold on - hold on.... don't get your knickers in a twist! 

Michelle is not actually going to be on NBC... I THOUGHT Michelle was going to be on NBC when I answered the phone at the store the other day and the man told me he was from NBC. 

I was so excited - I mean, the election is over, right?  Clearly this was not a poll... I figured they wanted to do a feature piece on brilliant small store owners (ha - there it is folks, an obvious bid towards my future award...)

I was so happy for Michelle - I got my little notepad out and started taking notes like a good little associate.  Problem was, as the guy started talking I couldn't really figure out what he was talking about.  He wanted to know things about the store that I didn't think were very relevant for a feature piece... and then it dawned on me.  He wasn't from NBC at all - he was from a company with a very similar sounding acronym!

Drat!  Foiled again!  I was sure that helping Michelle get on NBC would be the final piece to the puzzle that is my awards campaign; I was sure this would be it!  Instead, I took rather excellent notes on a telemarketing call.  Bugger!  This leaves me feeling a little like this guy:

Well low and behold I'm eating lunch and the phone rings again... I look at the caller ID and I'm so surprised - the caller leads me to believe I'll be talking to this guy:

But alas, the joke was on me.  Just a customer with the same last name and first initial!  In fact, that's happened before - there have been times in the past I've thought I was being called by some of these people:

And once even this guy:

Clearly, we are a hot spot among the rich and famous!!  So please, if you call the store and I sound like I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, remember that I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about - I just might not have a clear idea of who I'm talking too!!!  :)

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