January 19, 2013

Design Team Challenge #1 - Luci

If you've been reading faithfully the last few days then you will have read all about our design team's very first challenge to alter cards from 7 Gypsies photo carousel - our lovely muses really met the challenge and definitely inspired us here in the store, and now we're hoping they'll do the same for you!  Here are some pictures of the completed photo carousel:

Ultimately, we decided that all the ladies did such lovely work that we didn't want to lump all their entries into one bulk post, so we decided to showcase each ladies submissions separately so that they would each have their time to shine.

This week we're highlighting design team member Luci Brito's cards and all I can say is WOW.  The detail in these cards is really amazing - here are Luci's photo carousel altered cards:

Of course, my pictures never really do the samples justice - please be sure to drop by and check these beautiful cards out in person - Luci incorporated so much fine detail that you really have to look at these up close and personal!  And be sure to keep an eye out for the next batch of cards - we'll be sharing them very soon :)

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