May 17, 2008

Pictures of the store

Here are some very random photos of the store.

Here is Rosemary at the checkout counter.

The EK Success Jolees area. I think we have the largest selection this side of the Mississippi. When the UPS guy brings us the reorders for this area I think we all groan!!!!

One of our customers Jane showing off her Easter layout that she just completed. Even better than her completed layout, today she bought us two very large slices of a yummy cake!!!!! We love you Jane.

One of the very popular BoBunny classes. This class was the second and we had to add a third class in June :)

Photos of the staff :) Capella, Michelle & Rosemary with quotes that tell a little about us. Capella's you will recognize from the recent story I posted about her. When I let you know a little about myself and Rosemary these quotes will make sense.

We are having a Midnight crop so I had better go help instead of posting. More later....

May 9, 2008

The people at ESS

I thought I would take sometime over the next few weeks and introduce some of the Staff, Teachers and Design Team Members at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps.

I will start with Capella.

Capella is originally from “The Valley ”in California. (Although I can’t say I have ever heard her say “Like”) She is named after a Star, a Galaxy or Constellation or something.

The funny thing about Capella is she is a walking klutz. She stumbles, crashes, cuts herself, or trips over constantly. Now you might say “well that is not funny” but it is. I have seen a brad fly across the store, around the paper racks, under the diecut display and strike her in the arm leaving a blood trail. She attracts small accidents and seems quite proud of it, often pointing to a bloody paper cut laughing and saying “Look what I just did” and then five minutes later showing you the other hand with a matching cut. We have to keep buying band-aids for her.

A couple of weeks ago she was teaching a class, stepped backwards and fell onto a sticker roll. She got a huge bruise on her arm with a three inch cut in the middle which then got infected. Of course she, as always, laughed at herself. Yesterday she walked down the hallway to the office to use the photocopier (myself, Rosemary and the copier repair guy also walked this hallway numerous times and there was no incident) Anyway she walks down the hallway and a whole bunch of paper trays, stickers and empty boxes leapt off the shelves on top of her. Rosemary, myself and even some of the customers were laughing so hard that tears were running down our faces. I finally managed to stop laughing long enough to go help dig her out.

Apart from all the drama Capella is a mother to two, a wife to a cute husband and an avid scrapbooker. She designs and teaches awesome classes at the store. Capella is teaching quite a few classes this month, you can either come in the store to see the samples or look on the website at

This is the PeekaBoo acrylic book on May 27 that Capella is teaching. Fabulous Acrylic and chipboard pages.

If you are ever feeling blue, come and hang out in the store when Capella is working and she will do something to make you laugh. Guaranteed! Oh, and don’t forget to bring her a band-aid.

New Stuff from K & Company

We just put the new papers and embellishments from K & Company out on the shelves. The two new lines are Sea Glass and Blue Awning. This are absolutely my all time favorite lines from K & Company.

May 6, 2008

Store Chit Chat and Photos!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. We now have WiFi in the store so I will be able to update on a regular basis.

National Scrapbook Day
For those of you that had to wait a long time to check out we thank you for your patience. Next time I will have traffic cones set up for checking out. We just did not expect so many customers with Sunfest going on at the same time.

There was lots of laughter and creativity in the air on Saturday. Congratulations to those of you that won the goodie bags. I personally was thankful that Candi did not go into Labor at the store. I was worried but, I did have a sterilized shopping basket ready to catch the baby just in case.

I just realized that I had forgotten to post pictures of our Grand Prize Winner for the Grand Opening. So here is the picture of Elayne F. who was the winner. I don't think we will see her at the store for a while as it will take her a long time to use up all that product.

Shirley was the winner of the BoBunny Bag Raffle. She was so excited that she screamed on the phone. Rosemary said her ears are still ringing.

Well I had better go and take care of the Maya Road delivery. More news soon......