May 9, 2008

The people at ESS

I thought I would take sometime over the next few weeks and introduce some of the Staff, Teachers and Design Team Members at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps.

I will start with Capella.

Capella is originally from “The Valley ”in California. (Although I can’t say I have ever heard her say “Like”) She is named after a Star, a Galaxy or Constellation or something.

The funny thing about Capella is she is a walking klutz. She stumbles, crashes, cuts herself, or trips over constantly. Now you might say “well that is not funny” but it is. I have seen a brad fly across the store, around the paper racks, under the diecut display and strike her in the arm leaving a blood trail. She attracts small accidents and seems quite proud of it, often pointing to a bloody paper cut laughing and saying “Look what I just did” and then five minutes later showing you the other hand with a matching cut. We have to keep buying band-aids for her.

A couple of weeks ago she was teaching a class, stepped backwards and fell onto a sticker roll. She got a huge bruise on her arm with a three inch cut in the middle which then got infected. Of course she, as always, laughed at herself. Yesterday she walked down the hallway to the office to use the photocopier (myself, Rosemary and the copier repair guy also walked this hallway numerous times and there was no incident) Anyway she walks down the hallway and a whole bunch of paper trays, stickers and empty boxes leapt off the shelves on top of her. Rosemary, myself and even some of the customers were laughing so hard that tears were running down our faces. I finally managed to stop laughing long enough to go help dig her out.

Apart from all the drama Capella is a mother to two, a wife to a cute husband and an avid scrapbooker. She designs and teaches awesome classes at the store. Capella is teaching quite a few classes this month, you can either come in the store to see the samples or look on the website at

This is the PeekaBoo acrylic book on May 27 that Capella is teaching. Fabulous Acrylic and chipboard pages.

If you are ever feeling blue, come and hang out in the store when Capella is working and she will do something to make you laugh. Guaranteed! Oh, and don’t forget to bring her a band-aid.


mborrero said...

Gorgeous picture of Capella.. Thanks for the blog Michelle. Would you add me as a link?

Melina, ESS design team member

living as a life artist

Images By Jax said...

fab photo of Capella. I just did her class and I LOVE that book!! Now to go thru my endless photos to find the very best ones to compliment the book. Thanks Capella!!