April 30, 2007

A Challenge

I have challenged myself to not buy any personal scrapbook or stamping products for the month of May. Yes you read correctly, the whole month, all 31 days. I have too many supplies I do not use and I have been threatened, yes threatened by some of my so called friends calling in the Clean Sweep team. This strikes total fear in me that someone may come into my creative world and take some of my stuff!!!
So with that nightmare ever present in my mind, invading my sleep and making me wake up in a cold screaming sweat that someone is touching my patterned papers I will abstain from buying. I admit I have a problem. I am a shopper and a hoarder, so I will cut into my virgin paper , open my paints and use my ribbons.

I will keep my blog updated to let my faithful readers (all three of you) updated with how my quest is going. I will also post some pictures of my room this week. Wish me luck. Day One starts tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

So how did you do in your first day of abstinence? You have got to let us know if you fall of the wagon!
Debbie K

Anonymous said...


Now that the 31 days of May are over how did it work out for you. I want to congratulate you for even trying such a challenge.