August 30, 2008


We have had so many deliveries over the last few weeks and have also been so busy making classes for September that I have not had a spare moment to blog! Even Rosemary has not been on my case to blog. We finally got our first shipment of Cuttlebugs in stock and they were all sold!!!! (there I go with all the exclamation marks again). Don't worry more are already on the way. Rosemary is designing a Cuttlebug class to show you how to get more out of this little green machine. We are even thinking of forming a Cuttlebug club. We should probably call it "Cuttlebug Maniacs"

Tonight is a Midnight Crop so I might be able to finish the Christmas Ornament class!!!!! (Ok sorry but exclamation points are one of my best friends)

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mborrero said...

i agree cuttlebug mania. I have one!