December 13, 2008

I'm Blogging today!!!

Did you think we were never going to blog again ???? I can't believe when I look at the date that I last wrote something here that so much time has flown by, where does it all go? Don't even get me started about Christmas. Rosemary just told me this afternoon that there are 12 days left till Christmas!!!! That kinda freaked me out because I have not even started thinking about shopping let alone got any of it done. Thank goodness I still have my christmas tree up from last year :)

Here at the store we have been so busy for the last couple of weeks, it's a wonder we are still awake. This week we had numerous classes and also the Hero Arts Catalog Debut event. We are also completing an album that we have been commissioned to make for a "celebrity".

We are also working on numerous Make and Takes, classes and workshop samples. We have started doing the Tims 12 Tags of Christmas at the store and have made the first 3, next week we are doing the 2nd 3 tags but we have had to wait for the supplies to be restocked.

I really need to find more time in the day to get everything done. I have quit doing housework, cooking and talking to my husband (okay that part only saved me 30 seconds a day) but, there still does not appear to be enough hours in a day to get everything done.

So that is a long winded reason why this blog does not get updated more frequently.

Well onto some photos as I know you all like to see them. (either that or it is a reason to stop reading the prattle that I write).

Here is a photograph of the Hero Arts Party. We had some delicious cookies and lots of fun. I love the new Hero Arts Catalog, lots of great stamps and some wonderful inspiration. We did sell out of catalogs but we have more on the way.

Today (Saturday) we had one of our Stamp Of the Month classes. This months cards were all cooking/baking themed and were very cute.

This photo is from the Thursday Stamp of the month class. For some reason I did not take a photo from Friday nights class :( As you can see these classes are very popular and it is at times like these I wish we had four cash registers so that customers did not have to wait so long to check out.

So at least I have blogged today.
Hello is there anyone out there? if you are reading this please leave a comment so that I know I am not talking to myself :) OUCH, Rosemary just whacked me across the back of my head and said I was acting like a petulant child asking for comments. But seriously folks, it would be nice to know if there is anyone actually reading this.


Anonymous said...

Hi're not dreaming...I'm really reading this. I love your blog and check it often, so thanks for keeping us up-to-date on all the fun stuff that is happening at your store! Do you think you will be having any Alcohol Inks classes in 2009? I'd be interested in learning more about these inks of Tim's :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle....yes, you have readers out here! Thanks for keeping us posted on what's happening at the store...I especially like when you let us know about all the new goodies that are arriving. Have a great week...

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,
even your dearest friend from Gerrmany was just reading your blog. I wish I could be there and see it all. Well, .... may be 2009! Keep your fingers crossed.