November 21, 2009


This morning was quiet at the store so I was able to catch up with some customers and friends that stopped by. But, this afternoon was another story :) It got busy, and then busier and then even busier. I was teaching a class so was not able to help out. At the end of the day I found Lisa curled up in the corner in a fetal position and I think Rosemary was just about to join her.

Here are the classes for next week

On Monday we have Winter Wonderland

Here is a close up of the cover

Tuesday is the Monkey Club

Although Changito is no Santa

he does have the gift of Banter ...

and even though he might not be an elf

he certainly does like himself

so don't be frightened, put down the mace

cos he will be climbing down the fireplace

so please take the class and humor him

who knows we may even sign a Christmas hymn.

Poem by Me (Michelle McCosh - Poet Extraordinaire)

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