September 24, 2010

Derek goes to Barbados Part 2

As you may remember Derek met someone at CHA in July and she invited him to go to Barbados with her. . . . . . . (this was instead of working, I have mentioned that before, I think I am still a little upset over it)

He had spent some time at the beach swimming and relaxing but decided to explore Barbados for a day.

He rented a car and started driving

He ended up at the Ackee Tree Restaurant and decided to have lunch

Derek met someone called Jenny and they hit it off right away
(Jenny is NOT the girl he went on vacation with by the way)

They started talking and were having a good time till they started discussing who had the better hair. Derek kept insisting he had the best hair and they got into a huge fight in the middle of the restaurant

Derek was so upset after the fight with Jenny that he went back to the beach and started drinking

ok, so Derek does not appear to hold his liquor very well

Apparently Derek started doing dumb things, like climbing a Coconut Tree

And taking long strides down the hill for no reason

Looks like Derek finally passed out

Passing out on the beach is not a good thing, you can get a little sunburnt!!!

Hope he learned a lesson like:
Don't go on vacation with one girl and hook up with another!!
or even better
"Work and don't flirt"
(Yes, I am definitely upset)

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ROLF!! That is just too funny!