September 18, 2011

and now for something completely different

We have on our shelves Four Mystery Novels by Joanna Campbell Slan which feature Kiki Lowenstein, the heroine that works at a local scrapbook store.
These novels with titles such as Cut, Crop and Die; Paper, Scissors, Death are a great read.

The first novel in the series: Paper, Scissors, Death
We meet mousy housewife Kiki Lowenstein, a woman who thinks she's only ever been good at two things: scrapbooking and getting pregnant. Her comfortable world turns upside down when her husband is found dead. The autopsy blames George Lowenstein's demise on natural causes, but how can Kiki believe that after she learns her spouse "borrowed" $500,000 from his company? Forced to sell everything she owns, Kiki has to start over in life. She takes a job in a scrapbooking store and the wild ride begins!

These would make the perfect holiday gifts for your hard to buy for Scrapping or Stamping friends.

They are also a great source of ideas for Scrapbooking (the author is a scrapbooker herself)

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