December 31, 2011

Here is to 2012

Saw this photo on Facebook and had to share

For our special friends, customers and family
Wishing you a wonderful 2012!
See you next year!

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Tricia said...

I love your picture of the dates written in the sand. My husband and I spent a week at a summer beach house on Amelia Island in North Florida with my niece and her family. We were there to help each other through the 10th anniversary of my sister and bestest friend passing away.

My niece and I cried alot, laughed some and told stories about growing up and loving each other like no other. We yelled at the moon asking why she had to go when we were not totally prepared for it and decided that no matter how long you have, you are never prepared enough.

One morning as the sun was coming up and I could not sleep, I crept out the door and onto the beach and it was low tide. There I drew stick figures with all out names in the sand with Amelia Island 2011 written there. I crept back to bed for about another hour. I figured the tide would come in and nobody would know what a foolish old woman I had been. All of a sudden there was yelling and crying and laughing so hubs and I get up to see what is happening.
My niece and her kids, son 16 and daughter 3 took a walk on the beach and found my sand picture. They wanted to know who had done it and no one confessed. We took pictures, and I want to do a picture frame with the shells we collected but there is an element I am still searching for to finish it off (a tiny beach chair and some tiny flip flops). Let me know if you want to see my picture.