February 19, 2012

Some exciting classes and events

We have a lot of new classes and events coming up and we can barely contain our excitement.

First up we would like to welcome Cassia to our store.
She will be teaching a series of interactive layout classes starting in April

Here is her first class sample which by the way is amazing!

One of Cassia's talents is to design layouts that contain a gazillion photos.

Her first class with us will be April 14th

The Holidays went by, you may have taken a winter cruise, grandkids came to visit or you got a new puppy!!

WOW! You are overwhelmed by hundreds of photos! All so cute...by the way;)

Unless, you are trying to get into the Guinness World Records for having the most layouts (of the same subject) or scrapbooks...you may have a big problem on your hands:)

Not to worry! Come join Cassia as she takes you through the fun creative world of interactive hidden memories.

You will be able to add as little or as many photos as you like. This layout has 20 photos, but all you see are three photos.

The class kit is extremely friendly.

The objective is to learn new techniques and play. So, most of it is pre-cut for you!

You will also learn to make layouts with any type and any color of paper without worrying if it matches your photos.

One layout, one class, endless possibilities!

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Susan @ PaperCrafter's Corner said...

Exciting stuff!! Be sure to list your special classes & events via our free local listings at PaperCrafter's Corner so that all of our Florida area readers can find out about them!