July 26, 2012

Grungy Goodness...

Sometimes we get in new products that make us literally jump up and down for joy. This week we got in some blank copper foil engraving boards and, let me just say, our feet still haven't hit the floor.

So, what you get are six blank boards that look like black chipboard. They also cut like chipboard. Surely you see where we're going with this. You use a die cutting machine to cut out a shape. You emboss it, and then you sand it. And that's when the magic happens, because what you get is an awesome, grungy metal shape without the sharp edges! Here are a few ideas:

The possibilities with this product are only limited by your own imagination. And lucky for you, it's hanging up right on the new wall in the front of the store - come on in and pick some up today!

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