June 17, 2013

Cloth, Paper, Scissors, Oh My!

Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine has just published their bi-annual magazine dedicated to art journaling mini books, Craft Paper Scissors Pages!  Wow, what an amazing magazine!

Yes, one of the cover features IS all about Boiling Books!!!   Boiling Books!  With flowers and leaves and all kinds of other nature finds in them.  I wish I could show you the cool result that book boiling yields, but alas, I couldn't find any pictures on-line.... guess you'll just have to come in and see!

Other cool articles in this issue:  Beaded journal necklaces, a book with a driftwood cover, and a book cover decorated with copper pipe... Let me just tell you - the reason this book is only created twice a year is because there are so many techniques to try that it would take someone six months to get through them all!  There are some really fun ideas to spark your creativity - this one's a keeper!

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