February 2, 2008

New Clue for Contest Coming

Ok, no one came close to guessing :) I am teaching a class later this afternoon but, will post another clue sometime this weekend.


Anonymous said...

will you be making a model of your body??

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,
even Germans want to enter the contest.
We guess you "ducttape" your parrots with it and hide them in your closet!!!"
Big hug

Unknown said...

Its hard to tell all rolled up, but it looks like some sort of chicken wire. Are you going to put up page layouts, cards, crafts etc by attaching them with clips of some sort?... To use as a creative and architectural element to display what can be made from products at your store?

Cant wait to come see the new store!
Laurie Petritis (sister of Donna Mordis)