February 4, 2010

Flower Soft Ultra Fine

We received our order from FlowerSoft yesterday.
All colors in Ultrafine and all the new Card Toppers are here!

Flower Soft® Ultra Fine is much finer than original Flower Soft® which means it will give realistic dimension on much smaller images. The range includes several colors purposely designed to create fur effects... Think toffee teddy bears and cute koala’s!

The Scenic Windows are very cool. Following the number guide, simply cut out each element and layer them on top of the main window image. Create height by spacing the layers using foam pop dots and add realistic dimension to the scenery by using a sprinkle of your favorite Flower Soft® colors to bring the scene to life!

I will be making some samples of the Scenic Windows this weekend.


Linda said...

Tempting, oh so tempting! Flower soft is sooo cool, but I keep looking the other way when I am near it. I KNOW I will get hooked on it if I start playing. I am weakening.


Anonymous said...

ooohhh cant wait to see and try scenic windows they look so pretty