February 27, 2010

A day at the store

As most of you know we have a lot of fun at the store, always laughing, always creating. I thought I would share a story from this week.

A bit of background: As a lot of you know I am from England and I say the F word a lot. It is just like saying "hello" or another normal word. It just doesn't have that foul meaning when people say it in anger. It is a fact, I do say it a lot. (I know my Mother would be horrified and disagree saying I was brought up better).

Well I had had a particularly stressful week and I was saying it a lot, and I mean a lot. So Rosemary tells me off, saying I would have to pay her 25cents everytime I said it. I offered to give her $20 right away so I would be free to express myself but, she said no I should just pay the quarter whenever I said it. So the day goes like this.

Me: normal conversation then
Me: that's a lot of f***** crap
Rosemary: You owe me a quarter.
Me: That's no f*** fair, it's the vendors fault
Rosemary: You owe me another quarter.
Me: Damn I am going to be broke I have no f**** money
Rosemary: You owe me another quarter.

You can see where this is going. I am now down about $1.50 and we have a class starting.

The Class is going well (Rosemary is teaching, I am working on the computer and assisting the class at the same time; yes I can multitask!)

Rosemary: Can you get so and so something
Me: F do you know where it is, I can't find it
Rosemary: You owe me another quarter

By this time I am catching on to the game. (yes, I can be a little slow)

Me: haha, I found the DARN ink blending tool, there I did not say the word, you owe me a Quarter
Rosemary: No it does not work that way.
(she then explains to the class what is happening)

I think that at this point the people in the class are trying to get me to say the word, just so I will have to pay.

But, I am wise to the game now and at the end of the evening, Rosemary owes me $18.50 for not saying it. Finally I can buy lunch for the next two days!!! The class starts laughing at me.

Rosemary says that it only works one way, If I say it I pay, if I don't say it I don't EARN money.

Lesson Learned: If you play a game with Rosemary get the rules in writing!!!

I think I will play the game with Capella on Monday using Rosemary's rules. She says "Whatever" a lot so I can earn lunch money from her next week!

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Joyce's Journey said...

Oh I wish I was there! I would've been laughing my f---ing ass off - whatever!!

You guys are a real hoot!