March 1, 2010

Martha Stewart

I had the day off yesterday and I had planned to be like Martha Stewart. I was going to do some cleaning, a little furniture rearranging and some cooking, whip a few art pieces and have company over for dinner. You know a perfectly normal Martha Day.

It never worked out. I did do some vacuuming, some laundry but, the furniture never got rearranged and the cooking. . . . . . Well lets say making a cheese sandwich does not count.

Instead I spent most of the day updating my geneaology software. A cousin found me on facebook and she sent me some details that let me add another 30 relatives to my family tree. It was fun, checking facts and finding family members.

Thinking about it, Martha I am sure never cleans her own houses anyway. She probably has a team of furniture rearrangers and she orders takeout!!!!!

Back to the store today to try and get some class samples done (never happened). I did get a lot of new orders in the computer and place a whole bunch of reorders though. Also managed to get the rewards point machine fixed, so it was a busy day.

Rosemary came in to work in the afternoon and handed me $1.00. She then proceeded to tell a story and used that F word 4 times. I think she had been saving it up. oh and a customer came in and gave me a quarter so I could speak freely :)

Talking about deliveries which is the real reason you all come to the blog. We got new cooking papers. Lots of Cricut Cartridges and stamps from Impression Obsession.

We also got a new Paper Trimmer in that has a blade that you can dial to get a straight cut, a scallop cut, a score line or perforations. It also allows you to cut on an angle and has an onboard corner rounder. The Perfect Cutter!!

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