March 31, 2010

Fred the Bunny

A very sweet customer comes in yesterday and gave me an adorable Chocolate Bunny for Easter.

I was so smitten by him that I placed him next to my computer as I worked and I called him Fred.

Fred the sweet bunny

I had to go in the back office to fax an order in, when I came out Fred was missing and this note was attached to my computer

Rosemary got green with envy and decided to torture him!!!

She hung him in the ribbon area.

Then she stabbed him with a knife
She threw him in the trash
She even tried to give him away
I managed to get him away from the Evil One and all was quiet for a while.

I had a class to teach at 6:00 and thought I would show him to the class.
I went to get him and he was missing.
About 15 minutes later I get a text to go the ESS Facebook Page and see these photos!

He had been bunnyknapped

She took him home
Then she forced him to drink alcohol, oh how evil!!!
She introduces him to SheilaWhen I got to work the next morning he had managed to escape
and came back to the store but look what happened!

Now what are we going to do with all the bunnies????

Someone bring Rosemary a Chocolate Bunny quick before she decides to torture his babies!!

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cheryl mezzetti said...

You girls are too too funny! :)