March 7, 2010

A Family Connection . . . . . .

As you know we have Cheryl Mezzetti coming to teach at the store in April. We have made a flyer which we are handing to customers and also placing in their bags.

We have a customer whom I will call Ms. X She came in last week and we dutifully placed a flyer in her bag.

Now I don't know about you but, if my favorite Scrapbook & Stamp store places a flyer in my bag in my head I have the following conversation. Oh my god, they gave me a flyer, I wonder what it says, oh it's blue, I'm dying to know what it says. Shall I pull it out of the bag and read it now or should I wait till I get home, get a diet coke and read the flyer. Ahh, I have to know now what the flyer says. I am just going to go outside, get in my car and read the flyer.

I would then read the aforementioned flyer a couple of times marveling at all the interesting information, admiring the font they used, how well it is written, think to myself I love this store and just feel so much better about my day.

Well Ms. X obviously doesn't have conversations in her head about our flyers (is there something wrong with her??). She doesn't even read the flyer for a week. SHOCK HORROR, a whole week!!!

She finally reads it, notices Cheryl's name, goes to her blog, they communicate and they find out they are related!!!!

How cool is that!!

The moral of this story is: If we give you a flyer, read it!!! It will at least brighten your day or who knows you might make a family connection.

by the way: This story is true I have just changed Ms. X name to protect the innocent!

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