March 2, 2010

Drama at the Post Office

I had to go to the Post Office this morning on the way to the store and it was immediately apparent I had walked into a dramatic situation.

A Gentleman in his 40's was at the counter loudly proclaiming to everyone waiting in line that the Postal Worker had hit him with a box. He was waiting for a supervisor, and he was going on and on about the situation. Just then a petite and very very pregnant lady loudly said "well sometimes people need to get a better attitude and not be so rude" The "gentleman" looked like he was going to explode. The Pregnant Lady was obviously indignant about the mans attitude and was aggravating the situation. She would not be quiet either.

I was worried that the situation was going to escalate and that she might go into premature labor and at the point I would either

a) run gagging from the post office screaming about the grossness of child birth
b) Grab a Priority Mail box and have to help deliver the baby

but, luckily at that moment the supervisor came out and escorted the "gentleman" into a back room. The pregnant lady concluded her business and I was able to get my package mailed. Whew it was a close call.

Oh, the drama!!!

Today we got a delivery of the New Ten Seconds Molds and new colors of Metal.

Here are samples of the Metal Colors

Bronze God

Hot Pink Diamond
Gold Nugget
New Kabuka Molds

New Big Daddy Molds

Oh, the fun we can have with this stuff.

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