March 20, 2010


As you can see from the photo below, I have been quite good with my language lately and well, Rosemary has not.

Rosemary has no quarters. None, Nada, Diddly Squat. Because she has been using the bad word. A lot. I, on the other hand am an Angel :)

A customer comes in today, I will call her Ms. Pushover. The conversation goes something like this.

Rosemary to Ms. Pushover: Please swear, I have no quarters.

Ms. Pushover: I will just give you some quarters.

Rosemary: No you can't give them to me I have to earn them, please swear, please!

Ms. Pushover (who opens her purse): No here, I will give you some.

Me: No you can't give her any, she has to earn them

Rosemary: Please, please, please swear, I need some quarters. (said in a pathetic whiny voice)

Ms. Pushover: Just take the quarters.

Rosemary: You have to say the F word! (she is at this point almost on her knees, begging her to swear)

Ms. Pushover: Ok. F@#$, F@#$, F@#$, F@#$, F@#$. There you go here are 5 quarters.

Like I said, Pathetic!!!


rosemary said...

Hey, at least I know have a few quarters again. You are being so mean to me, I hope that customers come in by the dozens and leave me quarters, just for me, not for you. I did not use a whiny pathetic voice either!

Anonymous said...