May 11, 2010

Fred and his friend President Obama

Fred decided to attend a cabinet meeting with President Obama and disguised himself as a picture. He thought he might be able to help the Government out.

The Secret Service caught him listening in to the highly confidential meeting and took him away.

Next thing you know he is tied down in a railway tunnel and he can hear the train coming

Crap, he does get into a lot of trouble

oh and Magnolia Stamps are on their way and will be here May 14. They left GLOSTRUP, COPENHAGEN, DK this morning. Yipee


Anonymous said...

You really don't deseve Fred, you can't take care of him properly. Did you even know that he went to Washington by himself?

Cheryl Boglioli said...

I was wondering where Fred has been. I'm so glad he hasn't had a 'melt down' yet!