May 8, 2010


This is Derek, Michelle asked me to post something on the blog today. I am enthusiastic to be joining the staff at ESS, everyone I have met with has been very nice. (Michelle seems very witty, talented and just plain nice, I can say that with all honesty and not just because she is going to be the Boss of me and Rosemary is also quite funny but I have heard worse Bostonian accents than hers; she and I also have a lot in common)

I recently moved here from rainy Seattle and am looking forward to the change in weather. Lots of reasons to wear T-Shirts rather than a rain coat.

Michelle asked me to tell you a little bit about myself and even asked me to describe my appearance but I have to say I am not comfortable with that. A little bit about me: I used to work in New York and then moved to Seattle where I have been for the last few years. I own a large piece of land in Seattle but, there had been some structural changes in my current job and I decided I needed to make a complete change in my life. Michelle and I had been talking for a while about me making a move here and she finally made me an offer I could not refuse. If anybody wants to buy land in Seattle let me know!

I like nature and hiking in the woods, I love to fly fish and golf. Michelle said she also loves to fish and is going to teach me all about Deep Sea and Spear Fishing. I am looking forward to that.

I do not know a lot about scrapbooking or stamping other than my soon to be whiny ex wife was very in to it. I do however, know quite a bit about working with a camera and am also very handy with a craft knife.

I will primarily be working on the blog, website and helping the staff to make technique videos. I am also going with Michelle to CHA in Chicago in July and visit with some of the manufacturers.

I am joining the staff at ESS for dinner tonight and am looking forward to meeting Lisa, Capella, Mary and Amy.

I will enjoy getting to know you, the blog readers and the customers over the next few weeks.

Hang Loose (learning the local lingo), Derek

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