June 28, 2010

Dereks Vacation

I decided to head to Clearwater Beach for the weekend with my friends Lisa and Mark and I thought it would be cool to show you some of my photos

SCORE! Check out the view! I sweet talked my way at check in to a balcony room with a fantastic view. Mark was jealous, I felt kind of bad.

Lying in waiting for the Today show to start

Watching the Today show with Taylor Lautner
Who has better Abs? Me or Taylor?

Me and My Peeps
Do you think Matt Lauer will have me on the show soon?

Getting that first cup of coffee
Drinking my coffee. What a view from the Balcony.
I can just imagine Mark grumbling, they got an inside view :(
Be smart - use sun screen!

Catching some rays and working on my perfect tan

Collecting some shells for the store

I allowed a cute little toddler girl to bury me

..the not so sweet girl buried me and ditched me.
Leaving me with sand in my, well you get the picture!
I have decided to read the Twilight series before Michelle has her big Eclipse event on July 11th. So far so good!

Chillin on the beach. Hmm better check the weather the sky is not looking so great

Tracking the Storm

Updating the Facebook Page for Michelle
Mark has the corkscrew in the car and I am trying hard to get into the bottle!
Well I am heading back to work tomorrow.
Better get some sleep, see you soon, Derek!

P.S. If you want to see some more photos from my vacation check out the stores Facebook Page

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