June 22, 2010

For all you Twilight Fans

Are you a big Twilight Fan also known as a Twihard?
The new movie Eclipse is being released June 30 and we thought it might be fun to memorialize the event.

Whether you are an Edward or a Jacob fan we have a treat for you on Sunday July 11.

But before I tell you about it I must ask: Is there anything other than an Edward Fan, I mean really. If you had to choose between the two, why would you choose Jacob? Edward is a gentleman, very loyal, a romantic, willing to die for you and well to be frank, just plain hot.
Whilst Jacob kinda smells like a wet dog.

Anyway, I digress. Come to the store on Sunday July 11th.
Have your picture taken with Edward, Jacob or all three main characters.
We will print your photo and you can make the two page layout below.

So be sure to take photos of you attending the movie Eclipse,
save your ticket stubs and memorialize it.

Choose Edward :)

All three main characters

or if you must Jacob.
(If you pick Jacob, we have stamps and letters appropriate for him)

Here is the layout you will make with the printed photo of you with your favorite character on the left, your ticket stubs will go on the right and you have spots for three movie premiere photos

I did try to get the real live characters for this event but they were booked that weekend so we had to get life sized cutouts instead.

so no drooling on them ladies, they are made of paper :)

Call the store for details or to make a reservation at 561 432-5201

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