July 25, 2010

Gosh Darn it!!!

The trade show still has not started but I have!!!

I have already ordered a ton of new stuff and some of it is shipping as early as next week :)

One of the companies shipping next week is Echo Park. A new company which already has a large following. Here are images from two of the lines

Sweet Summertime

and a Walk in the Park

Super cute and trendy


Kell Bell said...

Love the bright colors can't wait.
Hope Derik is helping out and not just enjoying your hotel and the people at the hotel. How is the hotel?

Anonymous said...

love the summer collection. you know how I love bright colours.

TeresaAlvord said...

WOW Michelle,
It looks like you are having alot of fun. And doing alot of work.
I cant wait for the new things that you ordered to start coming in. You and Derick have made some really nice choices.
Was wondering if Derick will be coming back home with you or is he off for another adventure on his own??????Keep on buying and keep us updated on Derick. Thanks Teresa